Hi! I’m Vidhyaa .

Thanks for stopping by.

I am a mother of two children who love stories. I used to work in a senior position in the Indian Insurance industry till recently and now am a full time story teller. I have heard and read lots of Indian stories from my childhood and still read ,when time permits. Our stories reflect the values which were prevalent in the society from time immemorial and makes me wonder, how brilliant our ancestors were.
As a hobby, I find enjoyment in narrating the stories I have heard and read, in my own words. This is an attempt to preserve them for the benefit of present and future parents and grandparents and kids of course!!
I am trying to give a variety of stories right from the epics to folk tales to narrations of stories of great people who lived in this great land.
You, my dear readers , are most welcome to read the stories and give me your inputs that will enable me improve my presentation and content to make it more enjoyable to all.