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Power of the Mind

Long long ago, in a village in North India, there lived a well-to-do farmer named Balbir. He was a hard worker and was very sincere and so naturally, he earned a good amount of money. His wife was also a sweet-natured lady.
Unfortunately, his wife died during childbirth of their first child, a son, who was named Ganesh. Balbir married again, but the second wife Seetha was equally a good natured and kind woman. She treated Ganesh as her own child and Ganesh never got to know that his mother had died. In due course Balbir had two more sons, Umesh and Naresh and the couple brought up all the three sons equally well and even Naresh and Umesh did not know that Ganesh was their step brother.

The boys were also hard working and toiled with their father and Balbir had acquired considerable wealth in the form of lands. Balbir was also good in managing the lands productively. Balbir grew old and died one day. Ganesh took up his father’s place and showed that he was equally capable in managing the lands. Their wealth continued to grow.
There were a couple of jealous neighbours who were always looking for an opportunity to pull down Balbir’s growth and now that he was not around anymore, they got a chance. They casually mentioned to Naresh and Umesh that Ganesh was actually their step brother and it was he who was wielding the baton now and if left unchecked, he could any day drive away Naresh and Umesh.

The brothers were shocked. They went to their mother and demanded to know the truth. The mother admitted that as for his being their step brother, what the neighbours told was true. “But sons,” said she, “Ganesh Bhaiyya is so affectionate to you. Why on the earth do you imagine that he would drive you away?” The brothers were unwilling to relent. Naresh said, “I am so angry that I want to murder him” Umesh added, “My blood boils to think that we have been sharing our wealth with a step brother. Hmmph..I want to get rid of him forever!” Seetha, a kind soul as she was felt very distressed to see their anger and wanted to teach them a lesson. “Okay sons,” she said, “You do not show your anger thus. I will get rid of him”. The sons were pacified.

A few days later, Naresh and Umesh had gone to see their cousin in the next village. That night, Ganesh and his mother were asleep. Suddenly Ganesh heard his mother scream loud “Snake! Snake!” Ganesh woke up with a start and took up the stick near his bed. “Where mother? Where is it?”, he asked looking around everywhere. Seetha, with a frightened look on her face said, “I… I saw it.. entering your mouth and it vanished…” Saying thus, she fainted.
Ganesh was shell-shocked as he had this habit of sleeping with his mouth open. He immediately sprinkled some water on his mother and she woke up. He comforted her saying that it must be a dream and she went back to sleep. But that night changed Ganesh totally. He became very worried and kept on thinking of the snake. He could not rest his mind.
Slowly over the days, he was not talking much and was always seen with a worried and depressed look. He did not eat much and did not do any physical work. He did not seem to be interested in any material thing. This took a toll on his health and within two weeks he became bed-ridden.

His younger brothers were feeling gleeful for without physically getting rid of him, he was now out of active life and now they had all the wealth to themselves to manage and they totally ignored Ganesh and started to take their own decisions. The jealous neighbours were waiting for this day. Slowly, they started interfering in the brothers’ decisions and imposing their will. One of them even occupied a chunk of land belonging to the brothers, by putting up a small house, on the pretext that it was to supervise the rice planting in his field which was nearby. The other neighbour also was planning a similar exercise on another portion of the land. Umesh and Naresh could physically work very hard no doubt, but they did not possess the assertiveness or shrewdness that their elder brother Ganesh had.

Slowly, Umesh and Naresh started to realise that they were being taken for a ride by the neighbours and in no time, the neighbours would usurp the whole of their wealth. For the first time, they felt very sore about their own attitude towards Ganesh. They felt that if Ganesh had been around, all this could have been averted. That night they spoke out their mind to their mother and told her that they realised how mean they were. “We thought of killing Bhaiyya,” said Naresh. “We are ashamed, mother, of how bad we have been” echoed Umesh. “Poor Bhaiyya, we have not been even talking to him for the past two months. After how well he has protected father’s property, we realise how good he is, and….mother, as you said, we feel Ganesh Bhaiyya would not have even dreamt of chasing us away”. He continued, “But, what is the use now, Bhaiyya is bed-ridden and looks miserable. I do not know whether we can save him even. I shall go to the town tomorrow and find out if the Vaid (doctor) can come home and see Bhaiyya”.

Seetha saw that the brothers had realised their folly. She told them, “ Naresh and Umesh, before you go to the doctor, go to the temple of the Goddess in the hills and stay a night there and offer prayers. Then you can come home and go to the doctor”. “As you say, mother said the brothers and started for the temple the very next morning.

That night, again, Ganesh heard his mother shriek in the middle of the night. “Snake” she cried, “Ganesh, a snake!!!” Ganesh was not able to get up. But Seetha got up and lit a lamp and happily said, Ganesh, I saw the same snake which entered your mouth, go out of your mouth. There… there, it slid out through the window.” Ganesh who was so weak and could not even sit up, slowly got up. His face had a relieved look. “Are you sure mother? “ he asked. “Yes” said Seetha. It was the same snake. It got out of your mouth and slid away”. That was enough. Ganesh was up early in the morning and was feeling hungry. Seetha gladly gave him breakfast. He ate well that day and chatted with his mother on the goings on in their lands. When he heard about the antics of the neighbours, he was furious and vowed to shoo them away from their land.

The next day when Naresh and Umesh returned, they were pleasantly surprised to see Ganesh sitting up in his bed and eating. They fell at his feet and asked for forgiveness for their rude behaviour. Ganesh had not a wee bit of hatred and he embraced them and told them, he would be up soon and would start working. Both the brothers were relieved and so was Seetha.

For, she knew the Power of the Mind!!

The Greedy Mosquito

Once upon a time in a palace of a king, lived a family of bedbugs under the bed of the king. They were a happy lot as they got their fill of sweet royal blood every night without any effort. The king usually did not sleep immediately after lying down on his bed, but once he fell asleep, he was a really sound sleeper. The bedbugs were very careful to come out only after checking if the king was asleep and this was going on for quite some time.

One day, a mosquito chanced to get into the royal bedroom and perched on the underside of the bed. The wisest bug named Mootpooch came out and saw the mosquito. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”, asked the bug. “I am the Kosuku, the mosquito who lives in the nearby village”, said the mosquito. “I happened to come by this way and I have heard my father say that royal blood is the tastiest. So I thought I would have a taste of it.”

Mootpooch looked pensive. He said, “Look Kosuku, my family and myself have been living here peacefully for so long. You look very young and impulsive. I will just give you one piece of advice. Just wait till the king drifts into deep sleep and then I shall give the signal and thereafter you can have the blood to your heart’s content because if the king wakes up in between, it will be hell for all of us.”

Kosuku nodded his head in agreement and was waiting impatiently on one of the royal curtains waiting for the king. After a while the king came and sat on the bed. He said his daily prayers and meditated for some time and then lay down on the bed. Kosuku was peeping out of the curtain now and then. The king had started sleeping just then when the impatient Kosuku went near his ear and sang an “Oingggggg….” Almost immediately, he bit the king on his ear. The king tossed around and at once Kosuku aimed at his arm, biting furiously, getting intoxicated with the taste of royal blood. He bit here and there and Mootpooch, who had just come out was alarmed at what was happening. He tried to signal to Kosuku to stop but Kosuku was in no mood to listen to anybody. Suddenly the king sat up and SWAT, SWAT; the king’s huge palm smashed Kosuku. The king’s sleep gone, he called in his attendants and told them to thoroughly check the bed for any more mosquitoes and the attendants removed the matress, catching Mootpooch’s entire family unawares when all of them had assembled for their dinner and SWAT,SWAT,SWISH, SWISH went the attendants’ heavy dusters crushing the whole family of Mootpooch.

The greed of Kosuku, the mosquito, thus caused the destruction of himself and all the bugs!!!

Greed Kills!

The Cunning Stork and the Wise Crab

This is a story from the Panchatantra.

In olden days, there lived a stork in a large pond in a village. The stork was very happy as he had plenty of fish to hunt about and also other varieties like frogs and crabs.

As the years went by, the stork became very weak and old and was no longer as agile as he used to be and the young fishes were very fast that he could not hunt like before and even had to starve on some days. The stork was worried and he racked his brains until he found a cunning plan to provide himself ample food. So, the next day, he went near the bank of the pond and simply stood on one leg putting on a very sad expression. He did not even attempt to catch the fish which went near him to tease him. The fish and other creatures were surprised and slowly the oldest frog went near the stork bravely and asked him why he was so sad and forlorn.The stork pretended not to hear and after continuous pestering by the frog said with a deep sigh,” Hmmmm, I do not have words to tell about the grief which is going to befall all of us. In the next month, the king has ordered this pond to be closed with mud and made into a field and the king is going to deepen a pond which is already there in the other corner of this village. I am so sad at the fate that will meet you fellows. Hmmmm….”

The word quickly spread to all the fish and frogs and crabs that their fate was going to be sealed in a few days. All the innocent creatures believed the stork and the next day, the frog went again to the stork and said “Brother Stork, how can we save ourselves from death?” The stork pretended to think for a long time. He hummed and hawed and finally said “I know the way to the other pond I told you about. If you want I can carry you in my beak in batches and leave you in the other pond. But I need rest in between as I am very old. I can carry you fellows every alternate day if it is Ok for you. ” The frog and fishes and crabs were relieved. How nice of the stork to help them like this in time of crisis. They readily agreed for this and every other day the stork would carry four or five fishes in his beak and leave the pond. When he came back for another batch he would say how the fish were so… happy in the new pond. What actually was happening was that the stork was carrying the fish to a rock and eating them up happily. This went on for some time and one day the big wise crab felt that it was his turn and so the stork also felt that  he wanted to eat crab meat for a change. He decided that he would eat the crab alone that day as he was big and fat and therefore told the crab to clutch to his neck with his claws. The crab did so and when they were half way through, the crab asked the stork on the whereabouts of the new pond. To his surprise the Stork laughed aloud and said ” New Pond?? What rubbish? No Pond, only dinner for me. See the rock down there. That is my dining table Ha ha Ha ha haa!!” The crab was shocked . What he saw on the rock were the bones of all the fishes the stork had carried all those days. The crab could see his fate and quickly he thought and what did he do? He tightened his clutch on the stork’s neck till the stork fell down dead. The crab traced his way back slowly to the pond and told the fishes and frogs of his adventure. They felt sorry for their friend fishes who were dead but nevertheless happy that they could live without a worry in the same pond.

They all lived happily ever after.

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