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Vidaakkandan and Kodaakkandan – A folk tale from Tamil Nadu

An interesting folk tale from Tamilnadu about Mr.Never-Give and Mr. Never-Leave. Read and enjoy!

Mama…  Mama??  Oh! Mama!!

A light-hearted story of a shrewd fellow who takes advantage of a quarrel between husband and wife. Read to know more…

Musician to the rescue!

This is a story of how a young man outwitted a spirit. Read to know more…

Simple Language – A folk tale from Rajasthan

This is a folk tale from Rajasthan where a smart young man outwits a mean fellow who had cheated his father. Read to know more…

She thought she had won but then there were none!!

This is a folk tale where a couple love the sweet dish Poli. Finally they decide to make Poli at home and there is a problem sharing the same. What happened and how did they share it? Read on to find out…

True Friends – A tale from Hitopadesha

This is a tale from Hitopadesha about the choice of friends. Friendship of a deer with a crow, till a jackal comes by. Read to know what happens next..

Knowledge beyond books

A tale narrated by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to show how bookish knowledge is not enough to survive in life…

Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi – A tale from the Panchatantra

This is a tale from the Panchatantra about two friends where one tries to cheat another. To know what happens next, read on….

Vikram and Vetaal – 2

This is yet another story from the series Betaal Pachchisi more popularly known as Vikram and Vetaal. If you know the introductory story, you can read on. Else read the introductory story by clicking the link…

The Name Game

This is yet another story from the Jataka tales about a young man who was unhappy with his name. Read on to find out what happens..

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