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Sri Sundaramoorthy Nayanar – the ‘harsh devotee’

This is the story of one of the well known Nayanar – Sri Sundaramoorthy Nayanar. How from his post at Kailasa as Shiva’s attendant, he was born on earth is an interesting story. Read to know more…

Karaikkal Ammayar

  This is the story of one of the three women Nayanmars out of the sixty three Nayanmars (saints who were devotees of Lord Shiva) In the present day town of Karaikkal near Pondicherry,  near about 6th century BC, there was a merchant by name Dhanadattan who lived with his wife Dhanalakshmi Ammal. They had […]

The Story of Thirugnanasambandar

In the old city of Seerkali in Tamilnadu, lived a brahmin by name Sivapadahrudaya. He and his wife Bhagavathi Ammal were ardent Shiva Devotees and they used to pray to the presiding deity of the town Lord Shiva who was known by the name Thoniyappar. In course of time Bhagavathi Ammal gave birth to a […]

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