There are hundreds of stories in our country reflecting the various aspects of Indian culture. With some interest and effort we should carry these tales to our children and grand children. Many of these stories show the enormous power of the mind. There are other stories too of wit, wisdom, adventure, bravery, humility and all other qualities which people had in plenty in those days . In this advanced age of technology, we tend to ignore these qualities or rather not appreciate them. If children learnt to appreciate these qualities at an early age, we will have a better civilization.

Many of the stories show also, how simple life was, in olden days and what the values of people were, in olden days. This blog is an effort to bring out the stories to parents who do not know them but want to tell stories to their kids.

Story telling to children creates a special bond with them and also kindles their imagination apart from making them good listeners. Each country takes pride in its own folk tales and it is high time our future generation does not forget our ‘real tales’.

This blog will have a mix of stories from our Itihasas, from folk tales and real life stories all of them from what I have heard or read from my childhood till now. Wishing you all happy reading and comments welcome on improving the blog!!


  1. It is really nice. We want you to continue this blog!


    1. I agree wholeheartedly. The stories are nice with a good moral and are fun to read.
      Target – one new story every day.


  2. mothers those who want their children to know human values are benefitted by reading the stories on regular basis. I appreciate the efforts of you Vidyaa. Please Keep going ahead in your endeavour..


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