A collection of Indian tales of wit, wisdom, humour, bravery, devotion and lots more...

Karumbaayiram Pillayar – Ganesha who accepted a thousand sugarcanes.

This is the story of how Adi Varaha Ganesha came to be known as Karumbaayiram Pillayar after something happened to a sugarcane trader. Read on to know more…

Krishna and the fruit-seller – A story from Srimad Bhagavatam

This is a story of how Krishna blessed a fruit seller. Read to know how…

Musician to the rescue!

This is a story of how a young man outwitted a spirit. Read to know more…

Oomaithurai – The Military Genius – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence -12

The story of Oomaithurai, brother of Kattabomman is a gripping tale. Overcoming his physical challenge he had fought his level best to send the British out. Read to know more…

The Power of Guru Bhakti

This is a story which shows that Guru Bhakti and complete surrender to the Guru can accomplish great things!!

Simple Language – A folk tale from Rajasthan

This is a folk tale from Rajasthan where a smart young man outwits a mean fellow who had cheated his father. Read to know more…

Durgavati Devi aka Durga Bhabhi – ‘The Agni of India’ – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 11

This is the eleventh story in the series ‘Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence’. A story of a brave young woman who dared to go to any extent to free her country from the clutches of the British. Read to know more…

Alluri Sitarama Raju – The brave warrior from Andhra Pradesh – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence -10

This is the narration of the life story of a warrior from Andhra Pradesh who sacrificed his life for the cause of the tribal people who were tortured and enslaved by the British. Read to know more..

SURJYA SEN – The revolutionary from Bengal – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 9

The ninth story in the series ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav- Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence’ is about a revolutionary freedom-fighter from Bengal. The anti-British revolutionary spirit among many of our freedom fighters and their open resistance to the British, went a long way in our getting Independence. Sadly, not many of their stories have been […]

The Unusual Sacrifice

We have heard a number of stories of warriors sacrificing their lives for their country, but here is a story of an unusual sacrifice, by a sculptor. Read to know more.

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