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Karumbaayiram Pillayar – Ganesha who accepted a thousand sugarcanes.

This is the story of how Adi Varaha Ganesha came to be known as Karumbaayiram Pillayar after something happened to a sugarcane trader. Read on to know more…

Krishna and the fruit-seller – A story from Srimad Bhagavatam

This is a story of how Krishna blessed a fruit seller. Read to know how…

The Unusual Sacrifice

We have heard a number of stories of warriors sacrificing their lives for their country, but here is a story of an unusual sacrifice, by a sculptor. Read to know more.

The Story of stories – The birth of Kathasaritasagara – Part II

This is the continuation of Part I of the same story of how Kathasaritasagara was born.

The Story of stories – The birth of Kathasaritasagara – Part I

Kathasaritasagara is one of the oldest treasure trove of stories in Sanskrit Literature. What was the origin of Kathasaritasagara? A very interesting origin. Read on to find out…

Narumbunathan – The Lord of Tiruppudaimarudhur

This is the legend about Lord Shiva who is known by the name Narumbunathan at Tiruppudaimarudhur. How did he get this name? Read on to find out…

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa!

This is not the story of Manikantan or Hariharaputran, but that of Ayyappan. Yes, he was different from Manikantan. Read to find about this historical figure

Maha Skanda Sashti II – Soora Samharam

This is Part II of the Legend of Maha Skanda Sashti detailing the killing of the Asura Soorapadma by Lord Skanda. Please read Part I before proceeding to read Part II.

Maha Skanda Sashti I – The birth of Lord Skanda

Presenting the story of Soora Samharam by Lord Kartikeya. Story in two parts. Read along for Part I

Kacha and Devayani

This is a story which is recounted in the Mahabharata about a young lad Kacha , the son of Brihaspati who was the Guru of Devas. He went to learn a special skill from the Guru of the Asuras. Did he learn it or not? Read on to find out…

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