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The Trees And The Animals

This is a story from the Jataka Tales which shows how all living things are interdependent on each other for their sustenance and wellbeing.

Long, long ago in a forest in North India, a group of trees were having a discussion. They were disgusted about the carcasses left by the wild animals after eating their fill . The animals used to bring their prey and eat it under the shade of the trees and rest there.

The Sal Tree was very disgruntled. “These animals make the whole place stinking and it is so disgusting”, he said, “They have no regard for us!” “Yes, what you say is true”, murmured the Jamun tree, “The smell is unbearable especially during rains”. The Neem tree chipped in, “Yeah, since we do not object, the animals do not care. It is high time we did something”. The other trees swayed in agreement.

The Peepul tree who was the oldest among the lot said in a deep voice, “Hey Young fellows, learn to adjust in life. After all, we are all dependant on each other. We give them shade and they protect us….” Even before the Peepul completed, the Sal said, “Hmmph.. protect us is it? They only know how to dirty the place. I am not allowing this anymore huh!” The Peepul, as wise as it was, kept quiet for no advice given without asking is valued.

The next day, as soon as a leopard came and sat under the Sal Tree, the tree shook violently, as if possessed. The leopard was shocked out of his wits and ran away. Over the next few days, the Sal Tree and his friends behaved in a similar manner, shooing away all the wild animals. After a few days, no animal came near these trees. The Peepul Tree was watching with a sigh.

A few months later, the Sal Tree was very proud to have shooed away all the wild animals and was very happy that there was no stink anymore. The very next day, a group of men came in to the forest with their axes. The Sal was shocked when the men came and started deciding on which tree to cut first. “Oh no”, cried the Sal. “Why did these people come here? Who will save us?” The other trees around the Sal were also panicking, when the old Peepul spoke, “You shooed away our saviours. Had you a little patience at that time, you would not repent now. Now that there are no wild animals, more of us will be cut up soon.”

But before the Sal could reply, the axe fell on his neck…

Never Give Advice Unless It is Sought

Once upon a time in a forest there lived a group of monkeys. The group was a very unruly one and made lot of noise wherever they went.

As we know, monkeys like to imitate whatever we do. These monkeys had observed in the village a person starting a bonfire and the group of people sitting and warming themselves in the cold night. The monkeys wanted to imitate the person that evening and they broke logs and twigs and arranged them near a tree as they had seen the person arrange.

Now, they did not know how the fire was lit, though one monkey had seen the man putting a glowing object in between the logs and the fire had caught on.

Just then the monkey noticed a few fireflies fluttering glowing in the dusk and caught one of them and tried hard to push it in between the logs and blew it “Phoooooo!” The firefly flew away. The monkey kept on repeating the action and each time the fly would flit away. The monkeys got really angry.

Just then a little birdie perched on the tree cried out “Hey monkeys, those are fireflies, those will not set fire to the logs” The monkeys ignored the birdie. The birdie did not catch the message. She kept on saying the same thing. The rowdiest monkey of all got so irritated that he just leapt and caught the birdie and screwed her neck off.

The poor birdie did not know that the result of giving advice which is not sought could be fatal!!

Moral: Never give advice to anyone unless it is sought.

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