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The story of Changu and Mangu

Changu and Mangu were two frogs who lived in a pond at the back of a farm house. The farm house had many cows and there was no dearth of milk and curds in the house. The ladies of the house used to churn butter in huge pots.

Once in a while Changu and Mangu used to wander inside the farm house but they were hardly noticed as they were very small in size.One day as they were having their usual  stroll, Changu accidentally fell into a pot of cream which had been kept for churning butter. Mangu thought Changu had jumped into the pot to have fun and he also followed suit.

The cream was very thick and both Changu and Mangu found it very hard to get out of the pot as the cream was very slippery. They could not swim easily too for the same reason. Mangu immediately lost heart and said to Changu ,”We are doomed and our fate is sealed in this pot today, friend.” Changu said “Mangu do not lose heart so easily, someone will come to churn the butter and find us and we can get out of this humongous pot. Try and keep swimming even if slowly, till then.” But Mangu was in  no mood to listen. He had already made up his mind that he would not live and therefore  moaned and groaned about his fate and did not even attempt to swim and soon sank down.

Changu did not give up and kept on swimming. Suddenly he found that the swimming was easier. the liquid had become thinner as the butter had separated and what was this??? A big ball of butter was floating beside him. Changu thought quickly and very nimbly jumped on the butter ball and in a second jumped out of the pot. He had saved himself from death!!!

He went home, sad about Mangu who gave up so easily and lost his life. He also realised what one could achieve with untiring efforts and belief in oneself.


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  1. Ram Mohan Narasimhan

    Yes. Nice story to prove that one should never give up even in times of extreme adversity. Keep trying and do your best and you will succeed in the end.

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