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And the Lord obeyed!

This is the story of how Lord Nataraja changed his pose for the sake of a King’s devotion at Madurai. Read to know more…

Lord Kartikeya saves Sage Nakkeerar

On the occasion of Sri Kanda Sashti, here is a story of how Lord Kartikeya saved a thousand sages. Read to know more…

Musician to the rescue!

This is a story of how a young man outwitted a spirit. Read to know more…

Chithirai Festival- Kallazhagar comes to Madurai

Chitra Pournami is the day when Kallazhagar steps into the Vaigai River. Read on to know why….

The Legend of Madurai

Today is the start of the new year for Tamils and in this Chithirai month, I am going to narrate the legend of Madurai which is synonymous with the Chithirai Festival!! The city of Madurai is believed to be in existence for over thousands of years – one of the oldest living cities in the […]

The Story of Manickavasagar

Tiruvadhavoor is a village near Madurai.  In this village was born to a pious couple, a son, whom we know as Vadhavooran (born in Vadhavoor- hence). Vadhavooran’s father belonged to the saivite temple priest clan. Vadhavooran was a very bright child who mastered various subjects, scriptures of various religions and arts before he was sixteen […]

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