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I am a mother of two children who love stories. I used to work in the Insurance industry. I have heard and read lots of Indian stories from my childhood and still read. Our stories have lot of values and also reflect the way society was, in ancient days. As a hobby, I am rewriting the stories I have heard and read, in an attempt to preserve them for the benefit of present and future parents and grandparents and kids of course!!

Oomaithurai – The Military Genius – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence -12

The story of Oomaithurai, brother of Kattabomman is a gripping tale. Overcoming his physical challenge he had fought his level best to send the British out. Read to know more…

The Power of Guru Bhakti

This is a story which shows that Guru Bhakti and complete surrender to the Guru can accomplish great things!!

Simple Language – A folk tale from Rajasthan

This is a folk tale from Rajasthan where a smart young man outwits a mean fellow who had cheated his father. Read to know more…

Durgavati Devi aka Durga Bhabhi – ‘The Agni of India’ – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 11

This is the eleventh story in the series ‘Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence’. A story of a brave young woman who dared to go to any extent to free her country from the clutches of the British. Read to know more…

Alluri Sitarama Raju – The brave warrior from Andhra Pradesh – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence -10

This is the narration of the life story of a warrior from Andhra Pradesh who sacrificed his life for the cause of the tribal people who were tortured and enslaved by the British. Read to know more..

SURJYA SEN – The revolutionary from Bengal – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 9

The ninth story in the series ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav- Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence’ is about a revolutionary freedom-fighter from Bengal. The anti-British revolutionary spirit among many of our freedom fighters and their open resistance to the British, went a long way in our getting Independence. Sadly, not many of their stories have been […]

The Unusual Sacrifice

We have heard a number of stories of warriors sacrificing their lives for their country, but here is a story of an unusual sacrifice, by a sculptor. Read to know more.

Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 8

This is the story of one of the lesser- known woman warriors who fought the British. Her name was Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi. Read on to know her deeds of bravery..

The Story of stories – The birth of Kathasaritasagara – Part II

This is the continuation of Part I of the same story of how Kathasaritasagara was born.

The Story of stories – The birth of Kathasaritasagara – Part I

Kathasaritasagara is one of the oldest treasure trove of stories in Sanskrit Literature. What was the origin of Kathasaritasagara? A very interesting origin. Read on to find out…

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