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I am a mother of two children who love stories. I used to work in the Insurance industry. I have heard and read lots of Indian stories from my childhood and still read. Our stories have lot of values and also reflect the way society was, in ancient days. As a hobby, I am rewriting the stories I have heard and read, in an attempt to preserve them for the benefit of present and future parents and grandparents and kids of course!!

Arudra Darshanam and Chidambaram – The Cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva

This is the story of Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance – The Ananda Tandava and how Lord Shiva came to stay at Chidambaram as Nataraja.

Shri V.O.Chidambaram Pillai – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 5

The story of a freedom fighter who dared to compete with the British in their shipping business. Read on to find out how…

Nilamber and Pitamber -The heroic brothers from Jharkhand – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 4

This is the fourth story about a set of heroic brothers who fought against the British for our Independence. Read to find out more…

Maha Skanda Sashti II – Soora Samharam

This is Part II of the Legend of Maha Skanda Sashti detailing the killing of the Asura Soorapadma by Lord Skanda. Please read Part I before proceeding to read Part II.

Maha Skanda Sashti I – The birth of Lord Skanda

Presenting the story of Soora Samharam by Lord Kartikeya. Story in two parts. Read along for Part I

Saraswathi Rajamani – The youngest Indian woman spy – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 3

This is the fascinating story of India’s first youngest women spy. Read on to find out who she was and how she has contributed to our country’s independence…

RANI NAIKI DEVI OF GUJARAT – Celebrating seventy-five years of Independence – 2

This is the second story on the brave-hearts who have sacrificed to the greatest extent in protecting our country from invaders. This is about a lesser- known queen. Read on to find out who it is…

Ganpati Bappa Moraya – The story of Shri Moraya Gosavi

This is the story of the saint Moraya Gosavi, an important practitioner of Gaanapathya or the worship of Ganapathy. Pleased to present this on Ganesh Chaturthi day!

Ambalappuzha and the Chess connection – Janmashtami special

This is the story behind the origin of the Paal Payasam (rice kheer) as Prasad in the Ambalappuzha temple. Read on to find the connection betwen Chess and the Payasam!

Dheeran Chinnamalai – Celebrating seventy- five years of Independence -1

This is the first story on this series of great Indians who have sacrificed/given their life for the cause of our country Bharat. This story is of one of the very earliest freedom fighters of the erstwhile Kongu region. Read to find out more…..

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